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We have been providing Studio Services since 1996 and specialize in Audio Mastering, Audio Restoration, Digital DJ Mixing, Final Mixing, Remixes, Megamixes and Imaging and Commercials for Radio & Television. Offering the most competitive rates and comprehensive services with over two decades of experience in both the analogue and digital fields.

Audio Mastering

Audio Mastering is the final, critical, step in the post-production process of a Final Mix and we provide quality control, enhancement, objective listening and corrections to ensure your music sounds as good as possible when it is released on CD or for Digital Distribution.

Audio Restoration

We record, clean and restore recordings from Vinyl, Cassette & DAT Cassette. After recording the material we remove as many clicks, crackle and hiss from the recordings as possible and Master them for use in CD releases.

Digital DJ Mixing

Our digital mixing process replaces the cumbersome conventional time consuming way of mixing a compilation with an efficient and precise noise free Digital Mix. The process entails transferring the material from Vinyl, DAT, CD or DVD and then mastering the tracks before it is Digitally Mixed, creating an error free and perfect mix, every time. Also ideal for labels who want to release a mixed compilation of their own material.


Megamixes go hand in hand with our Digital DJ Mixes as an additional service that can be used to market your product as a teaser before it is released. Megamixes can be done for Albums and Compilations that have already been mixed or not mixed. The Megamix that we create is approx 20 to 25min long, consisting of 2 min teaser tracks, making the mix fast paced and exiting, ideal as a promotional tool.

Final Mix

Our preferred platform is Logic Pro which is combined with our Digital Desk, High Quality Sound Card and Analogue gear to provide top notch sounding projects. Each part is meticulously worked on and manipulated into the frequency spectrum where it will best shine in tandem with all the other parts.

Radio & Television Commercials

Another service we provide is the creation of Television & Radio Commercials, specializing in creating Radio Commercials of compilations and albums which can also be used for Television adverts. We edit a compilation down to 30 seconds, or can create a bed from scratch from an album. We have a pool of voice-over artist to suit your needs and we’ll give you advice on what would be your best options.

Radio Imaging

Having worked in Broadcasting for 9 years, we have a vast experience in the making of Radio Jingles and Drop Ins, and have successfully created imaging for Radio Stations such as Channel Africa, House Africa Radio, Beats Radio and various DJ shows.

Rates And Requirements

Mastering rates are charged per track with reduced rates as indicated below.

01. trak = R 250
02. trax = R 500
03. trax = R 750
04. trax = R 1000
05. trax = R 1150
06. trax = R 1300
07. trax = R 1450
08. trax = R 1600
09. trax = R 1750
10. trax = R 1800
11. trax = R 1900
12. trax = R 2000
13. trax = R 2100
14. trax = R 2200
15. trax = R 2300
16. trax = R 2400
17. trax = R 2500
18. trax = R 2600
19. trax = R 2700
20. trax = R 2800

Radio Edits = R 50 per track

Tagging Of MP3s = R 50 per track

Additional R 50 per track for Instrumental, Backtracks etc. on condition the levels are the same as Main Mix.

Audio Restoration of Records, Cassettes etc. are charged at R 350 per hour.

Mastering and Digital DJ Mix of a DJ Mix Compilation (Max 13 Trax) = R 4000 (Includes a CD Master For Reproduction)

Final Mix + Mastering = R 2500 per track.

Commercials & Radio Imaging can vary according to the amount of jingles and adverts required, please contact us to inquire.

If you would like a Static Plastic Remix contact us to inquire.

Requirements For Trax, Parts, Delivery & Payment

For Mastering you can Upload, Deliver or Post your tracks on a Data CD or DVD, preferable at a minimum 24bit, 44.1kHz stereo .wav or .aiff files. Before you bounce your tracks, check every instrument for any clipping or distortion. Then go to your master output and drop the volume by -6 db (minus six db) before bouncing your track.

For Final Mixing it would be best to convert all instruments and parts (onboard and outboard) into audio files and bounce out each part from beginning to end of the song as 24bit, 44.1kHz stereo Wave files, making sure to name the parts properly (Kick, Snare, Hat, Clap, Bass, Strings etc.), cut all on a DVD to deliver or upload and email us the link.

FTP accounts can also be created to transfer your files, or you can use services such as,, or We can work with 16bit if you can’t upload big files but if you can please send it as 24bit, 44.1kHz stereo as it is a much better quality to work with.

All prices are quoted at a minimum rate and can escalate according to the quality of the trax or parts received and amount of work involved. Turnaround time depends on the services requested and our schedule.

A 50% deposit is required for all services and full payment on completion. We guarantee all our work and will rectify any issues provided these are within reason.

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